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Special LUBS
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Happy employees are productive employees.
Ideal for fine particles, such as smoke and coolant mist,
the Mistbuster 500 provides the following benefits:

• Reduces mist exposure
• Protects workers’ health
• Lowers maintenance costs
• Increases safety
• Saves coolant
• Protects machine investment
• Easy to install
• Low operating costs
• No disposable filters

MACHINING with Bio-Balanced Coolants

The use of biocides in water soluble coolants
becomes increasingly problematic.

The discussion concerning possible occupational safety
and health risks for operators has been going on for a very
long time. The industry’s interest in products that do not
contain either bactericides or fungicides as raw materials
and which do not need such chemicals to maintain their
operability is therefore very high. Our range of bio-balanced
coolants, contain no bactericides or fungicides and are free
of organic chlorine compounds and heavy metals. They are
advantageous in terms of occupational health and technical
advantages for many operators.

For more info contact ProTUBE.

New MINI “out-BAC”
coolant cleaner

Great SAVINGS potential,
thanks to the right
emulsion treatment.

It is very often overlooked that
with a minimum of effort the performance of an emulsion can be kept at a high level over a long period of time. The life of the emulsion can be increased significantly at the same time. Apart from a healthier environment for the employees, there is a huge savings potential for companies, ie. less machine downtime by means of longer intervals in between emulsion changes, lower aquisition and disposal costs, as well as longer tool life.